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AEM Achieves Remarkable Safety Milestone with 200,000 Manhours Without Lost Time Incident (LTI)

Asiatek Energi Mitratama

26 Jun 2023

Breaking News:

AEM Achieves Remarkable Safety Milestone with 200,000 Manhours Without Lost Time Incident (LTI)

In a remarkable display of commitment to safety, AEM announced today that it has achieved an impressive milestone of 200,000 manhours without a single Lost Time Incident (LTI). This significant accomplishment spans the period from 2018 to 2023, marking a commendable commitment to the health and safety of its employees.

AEM, as Engineering Service company in the field of Oil and Gas, has consistently prioritized safety as a core value within its operations. This milestone is a proof to the unwavering dedication of the AEM's management, employees, and safety protocols implemented throughout its operations.

LTI refers to any workplace injury or illness that results in an employee being unable to work on their next scheduled shift or day of work. It includes incidents such as serious injuries, accidents, or illnesses that require an employee to take time off from work for recovery.

The achievement of 200,000 manhours without an LTI demonstrates AEM's relentless pursuit of creating a safe and secure work environment for its employees. It signifies that employees have been able to perform their duties without experiencing any significant harm or accidents that would hinder their ability to work.

The successful milestone can be attributed to a robust safety program implemented by AEM, which includes comprehensive training, regular safety audits, risk assessments, and the utilization of proper Personal Protective Equipment. Additionally, the company's emphasis on fostering a safety culture, where every employee is responsible for maintaining a safe working environment, has been instrumental in achieving this remarkable feat.

In recognition of this milestone, James Tsang, CEO of AEM, expressed his gratitude and appreciation towards the entire AEM team for their commitment to occupational health and safety. James stated, "Achieving 200,000 manhours without a Lost Time Injury is an incredible achievement and a testament to our employees' unwavering dedication to safety. We believe that safety is a core value that must be embedded in everything we do, and this milestone demonstrates our commitment to protecting our most valuable asset: our people." James also stated that achieving 200,000 manhours without an LTI requires a collective effort and ongoing vigilance from everyone involved.

With this significant accomplishment, AEM aims to further strengthen its safety practices and continuously improve its safety culture. By learning from past experiences and implementing innovative safety measures, AEM strives to ensure that every employee returns home safely, safely after each working day. The milestone reaffirms AEM's status as the employer of choice for the energy engineering services sector.

As AEM continues its journey, it remains steadfast in its commitment to maintaining a safe workplace and will continue to ensure the continued well-being of its employees.

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