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Integrated Management System (IMS)

An Integrated Management System (IMS) is a management system that integrates ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001 requirements in an organization into a single, unified system that manages the processes of the organization. The aim of an IMS is to streamline and simplify the management of different systems while ensuring the organization's business processes deliver high-quality products and services.

AEM implements an IMS and integrates management processes with the core business processes to achieve effective and efficient operations. The IMS establishes a framework for driving consistency across the business while creating accountability for management and employees for meeting established business goals and objectives.

An IMS enables organizations to seamlessly manage quality, environmental health and safety, and security management processes, leading to higher customer satisfaction, lower risk, and efficient, cost-effective processes. It provides a comprehensive approach to managing the organization's compliance requirements, reducing redundancies while integrating best practices and providing a platform for continuous improvement.

Quality Policy

PT Asiatek Energi Mitratama (AEM) is committed to the principles and practice of quality management in the field of oil and gas and the energy industries as reflected by the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Quality to AEM is the consistent and effective project management of engineering and related support services to meet the Customer’s expectations and satisfaction. The AEM key Quality objectives are:

  • To maintain a high and consistent quality of service for all Customers.

  • To meet all statutory and contractual obligations.

  • To continuously improve in the execution of our services utilizing performance measurement standards.

  • To never compromise the core values of the Company - safety, integrity, respect, expertise, accountability, and passion - while striving to meet the business needs.

These objectives can be achieved by developing, maintaining, and continually improving the Company’s Quality Management System (QMS) which complies with requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Conducting regular management reviews and internal audits will improve and make more effective the Company’s systems.

This Policy is applied to all areas and levels of the Company business. AEM will ensure that all personnel are aware and understand the Policy implementation.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

PT Asiatek Energi Mitratama (AEM) is committed to conducting its business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
It is the belief of the Company and its staff that:

  • The safety and health of employees is paramount.

  • Health and Safety must not be compromised. The health and safety of people take priority over any business objectives.

  • All incidents are preventable.

The Company objectives are to prevent any possible injuries or illnesses in the workplace, as well as maintaining a clean environment, all of which will be achieved through:

  • Fully complying with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations and ISO 45001:2018 requirements.

  • Establishing and applying targets to measure the Company’s HSE performance.

  • Fully implementing the Health, Safety and Environment Management System based on ISO 45001:2018.

  • Providing safe workplaces by identifying hazards, assessing risks and applying control measures to eliminate or manage the risks to as low as reasonably possible.

  • Striving to maintain a clean environment and prevent pollution.

  • Balancing occupational health and well being, personnel and process safety.

  • Promoting a safe, compliant, and productive work environment on all levels of the organization.

  • Keeping a commitment to continuous improving.

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